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$140,000 Dollars Worth Of Added Business In A Single Afternoon After Implementing A Mailing Campaign That Cost A Total Of $678.00



 The Situation: The client was an IT firm on the west coast that specialized in providing hacker free, email downtime free, and 100% Network Uptime Guarantees for all of their clients. They provided virtual security for their clients through one of their remote monitoring locations, and had a unique ability to discover and resolve any potential IT problems far in advance. This feature gave them the ability to guarantee 100% network uptime and hacker free networks to all of their clients.


The Objective: To plan was to target a few of the larger companies in Silicon Valley that our client had been targeting for months with zero results, and use the marketing equation to get an opportunity to implement a Free 264 Point Network Audit to uncover any potential problems within their network.


The Solution: Marketing Strategies Team had the client put together a knock down list of every single client that he thought would be a prime candidate for this Free Network and Security Audit, and developed a series of special postcards and email campaigns that specifically educated business owners and decision makers on how to eliminate every virus, every hacker, and any downtime - forever. 


The Results: After implementing the direct mail and email campaigns that both interrupted and educated the business owners on how to protect themselves from viruses and downtime, our client closed two of the companies within a month of contacting them and added another quick $140,000 of business to his company in one afternoon. The total cost of implementing the email and mailing campaigns was about $678.00 and took a total of seven or eight hours over the phone in the period of a month to get all of the details collected and decide which companies were the best candidates.


$98,000 Dollars In Sales From A Postcard Campaign That Cost Just $421.00 For
A Retail Blind Store. 




 The Situation: A retail store doing less than $400,000 dollars of sales annually struggles to find new clients. The client implemented marketing strategy after strategy promoted by expert after expert. After spending more than $15,000 in failed attempts to get a positive Return On Investment for the efforts - the client contacted Marketing Strategies Team.


The Objective:  To acquire enough leads to make the 37% closing ratio on leads to make back the costs (net) of the campaign as well as make a profit. Not just a few dollars profit, but enough to pay for at least 2 more campaigns and pay the overhead for the company for the month.


The Solution: Marketing Strategies Team met with the client and created a series of 3 postcards. Each card hit on a new hot button and that the perspective custom blind buyer would have and then designed them using Marketing Strategies Team proprietary MYM styled design. In just 4 weeks from the project start date MST had created the campaign, designed the postcards, purchased a target list and implemented the campaign.


The Results: Postcards hit the mailboxes 5 weeks after the start date and immediately leads started coming in. Almost 45 leads were generated and $98,000 of business was closed almost immediately. A Further $121,000 of business was closed in the coming 30 days - making this campaign the single best marketing effort implemented to date.


FREE Website And Just $37.50 In Design Costs Keeps Curves Fitness Center From
Closing It's Doors.



 The SituationA Curves fitness center has one of the worst locations known to man. Think of the the most hidden, back street with almost zero foot traffic in front of it and just 3 or 4 parking spaces and then put it on the second floor - and that is where this Curves fitness center is located. Bear also that the number 1 way any retail location supports itself is through foot traffic and word of mouth. The center was on the verge of closing due to declining numbers, even though it had a 98% satisfaction rating from it's over 195 active members. Problem is the center needs 215 active members to break even and 250 to make enough profit to be worth it.   

The Objective: To increase membership to 250  and implement ways to passively increase those numbers using referral and Internet traffic. As Curves focuses on a female majority membership (they can't legally say for women only) the referral program and marketing strategy was based on hot buttons associated with women aged 30-55 who wanted a safe, friendly , friend filled atmosphere where they could get healthy and unwind. 

The Solution: Marketing Strategies Team researched and found that Curves Corporate provides (for a small fee)  a fully functioning website with all the trimmings. MST then implemented a few Internet strategies that immediately pushed significant targeted traffic to the site. As well as a simple referral program involving a free months membership and chalk full of powerful testimonials. Each referral letter was date and time stamped and included the headline "No Stinky, Sweaty Men".


The Results: In just 30 days , the implementation of Marketing Strategies team campaign based on the Monopolize Your Marketplace system, brought membership up to 217 with trends to boost to 245 in the next 60 days.


More Case Studies And Success Stories...


Real World... Real Success - Marketing Strategies Team
 And Monopolize Your Marketplace Success Stories.


  • A business-to-business magazine publisher doubled the income from his magazine in just 60 days by implementing a risk-lowering strategy that allowed his salespeople to get "first-call-closes" 92% of the time. Our system allowed his worst salesman to go from $3,200 to $16,800 in sales in just one month.
  • A small rubber stamp manufacturer who came to a seminar was able to increase his business from about $242,000 a year to about $470,000 a year by growing his own sales and then buying out another competitor. The company had been around since 1907... the owner couldn't believe what was happening! Using our system he added more revenue in several months than they had been able to muster in 88 years!
  • We helped re-vitalize a high-end flooring store in Dallas' designer district and also helped them identify a completely new profit center that will net the company more than $250,000 in PURE PROFIT in one year...with just $746 in extra advertising costs per month.
  • We implemented a program for a plumber (yes, a plumber!) that increased sales from under $20,000 a month to a record-breaking $147,358 in sales in January of the following year. Their new yellow pages ad pulled 5.6 times more calls than their old one, and their referral business accounted for 17% of their business (up from 0%).
  • A Texas company that developed property management software credited us with his 3 highest sales months ever...just from the advice received in a  free follow-up consultation after a seminar he attended. Then he hired us (with a fraction of the profits he'd already realized) and doubled his business by buying his competitors' customer list after they were forced to file for bankruptcy. They just couldn't compete anymore.
  • A travel agency that specializes in cruises implemented one tiny suggestion that increased the effectiveness of their newspaper advertising by over 10 times--that's TEN TIMES THE RESULTS for the same money spent.
  • The owner of a brand new sign company implemented our system and signed almost $100,000 of orders before he even opened his doors. Talk about starting with a bang!
  • A $20 million insurance brokerage firm became the #1 distributor for Philadelphia Life less than 3 months after taking on the product line using the "Monopolize" strategies.
  • An SBA lending bank generated 117 SBA loan leads in just 2 weeks...double the number they had generated themselves in the previous six months... for 17 times less money.
  • An auto repair shop used our expertise to triple their yellow pages results, quadruple their direct mail results, and quintuple their referral business. All this in less than a year.
  • A property tax reduction company took their direct mail response rate from 4% to 7.1% instantly after implementing a few key components of our system into their marketing plan. Their mailing costs remained constant, but their profits went up by 2 ½ times.

Sound Like Small Potatoes To You?
Our Marketing System Has Worked Just As Well For Larger Companies As Well.
Take A Look:

Nation's Largest Roofing Company Calls On MYM
To Crush Overzealous Competitors

The nation's largest residential roofing called us when they passed out 40,000 flyers after a major hail storm and only got back 98 responses instead of the normal 2,000+. They called us in a panic... they had no idea what was wrong, let alone how to fix the problem. We used our system "by the book" to create a marketing program that put them back on top within 6 months. The biggest problem was getting the "old-timer" salespeople to believe it would work.  They just couldn't believe that we could use marketing to sell a roof (average price $16,200) in just 11 minutes. Results speak loudly.

A company that made coin-operated pool tables and air hockey came to one of our seminars in dire straits... they were losing money hand over fist, and were considering selling out to their biggest competitor. Ten months later, our system had put $7 million dollars of profits in the owner's pocket, which he later used to buy out that same competitor. In June 2003 he sold the company to Brunswick for $34.5 million.

A moving company had been averaging 70 calls a month from their yellow pages ad at a monthly cost of $3,000. The owner begged us to help her write a yellow pages ad on the spot because the deadline was the next morning at 10 am. We spent about 2 hours hammering out the ad with her that evening to beat the deadline.

Within 2 weeks of the new yellow pages book hitting the street, she was receiving more calls than she could handle. After 3 months, the ad was generating an average of 955 calls per month and sales increased by 1,100%. She merged with another moving company to handle the increase. In less than a year, she was bought out for well over a million dollars cash.


Even Bigger Results - $23 Million In Increased Sales
(And  $9.1 Million In Profits)

A $4 million firm that sold electronic banking services came to a seminar to find out how to grow their business to the next level. We showed them how to aggressively target new market segments and helped them introduce new products. Within 22 months, the company was doing $27 million... and in the first full calendar year we worked with them, the two owners of that company put $9.1 million in their pockets.

A corrugated box manufacturer saw his business skyrocket from $700,000 in monthly sales to more than $2.2 million in monthly sales ($8.4 million to $26.4 million; an increase of more than 3 times!) in about one year. The success was based on a simple execution of the Monopolize Your Marketplace system.  The increase allowed the owner to construct a new manufacturing facility that quadrupled his output and allowed him to grow his business even more after that. He recently reported that their sales for the month were up 30% compared to the same month a year before, and they were shutting down their marketing so they could increase capacity again.

Texas' largest independent insurance agency dialed the MYM System into his business with tremendous results. The owner was already the dominant player and well known to the public due to his heavy investment in radio and television advertising. He saw the potential of getting even more return for his advertising dollar and worked with us to implement the MYM System into his already successful business. Over the next three months, phone traffic increased by 31% and their closing ratio nearly doubled. The TV commercials we wrote and produced are still running today.

Business Is A Lot More Fun When You're Winning.
Learn The New Rules Of Marketing.

"I Generated $9,400 In Sales By 10:00 The Next Morning After The Seminar, and $32,700 Within A Week."

Name: Stan Walker, President
Company: A National Distributor of Gifts Shop Items

"We have a customer database of over 10,500 businesses (gift shops, flower shops, etc.)  that have bought from us at some point in the past. Of course, they're not all active customers. In the past, we've mailed them--at great expense--a full color catalog twice a year. The results from our mailings have usually at least covered the cost, and sometimes they generate a profit.

I talked to Rich in a pre-seminar consultation about ways to effectively communicate with our customer base. He asked me if we'd ever done any e-mailing to our database. I told him we had, but it hadn't been very effective. He then explained to me the difference in strategic and tactical marketing... and how we needed to use the "Marketing Equation" to get the best results.

Well, I got everything ready to go by the time I showed up for the seminar. The only thing I was lacking was the actual piece that I would e-mail out. I couldn't believe it when Rich wrote an ad for me ON THE SPOT at the seminar. I went back the office that night and typed up the letter really quick and sent it out to everyone on my database that we had an e-mail address for (only about 1,100 businesses).

The next morning when I came in to the office, we had already taken orders worth $9,400, and that was before 10:00 a.m. Within a week, that one e-mail generated $34,700 in sales, and we still get calls on it now. Here's the best part: The product we promoted in the e-mail has a 55% profit margin, and we don't even carry it in inventory. We drop ship it from the manufacturer. That's a gross profit of $19,000 in a week. That makes the decision to go to the 2 day workshop a real no-brainer. Needless to say, we we're very excited about these results."

"I Increased My Response Rate To 82% Using A Strategy I Got From The Seminar..."

Name: Gale Cokley, Regional Manager
Industry: Video Production and Duplication Company

"I got an idea from the seminar that seemed very appropriate for what we were doing. Rich said that video was a good medium for promoting a company, but even with video, you still have to make the prospect want to listen. In other words, they're not going to pay attention to you just because it's a video. And he's right--we've been sending videos for a long time with mixed results.

Here's what we did: Instead of just sending the video, we also enclosed two coupons in the box. One was a $15 gift card for Boston Market, and the other was a $10 gift card for Blockbuster Video. Then we enclosed a very short note, that I copied word-for-word out of from Rich's mouth. Basically it said 'Go get dinner and some movies, and in-between movies or after the kids go to bed, do me a favor and pop this short video about our company in.'

We tested a small sample before rolling this idea out--On our initial mailing, we got a 82% response rate to a targeted (but still cold) mailing. In other words, we made 82% of a cold list want to listen. Out of those we closed almost 30%, and our average sale is nearly $10,000. It's just like Rich says... if you can bridge the GAP and make them want to listen, you'll be far ahead of the pack."

"$14,000 In Sales Before I Ever Showed Up... From Ideas I Got From The Website Alone..." 

Name: Jason Simpson, V.P. Sales & Marketing
Industry: Regional Janitorial Franchising Company

"After I signed up for the seminar, I decided to go to your website to check it out a little more. The information was excellent. In one of the articles, they talked about setting up a sales system and giving sales people tools that they can use to increase their effectiveness. A simple enough idea, but we certainly hadn't been doing it.

We had several sales people who were not producing very well. One guy in particular was on the verge of being fired because his monthly sales for the previous 6 months had only averaged $3,800... which isn't even enough to justify his existence. So if figured I would test this out on him. Hey, if it would work on my worst guy, then it would be easy to implement with the other 6 salesmen.

I created a standardized offer that I gave to him and rehearsed with him for about 2 hours... and I also trained him on how to use the sales tools that I made up on the computer. (I actually copied the idea and the offer right off the preview tape). To make a long story short, I didn't have to fire the poor-performer after all. In the next two weeks before I attended the seminar, he closed over $14,000 in new business. Our profit margins run about 60%... so the profit from those sales amounted to about $8,500. That's before I ever showed up to the seminar!"

"I Went From Almost Giving Up To Closing Eleven Deals In Just 3 Days..."

Name: Edwin Freehoffer, Owner
Business:  Restaurant Delivery Service

"When I first heard of MYM, my business was still in it's infancy. The concept was to offer delivery service for local restaurants in return for a 25 to 30% of the menu price. This idea has worked successfully in other areas, and I was trying to start it in Salt Lake City. The problem was that I couldn't get any of the more well-known restaurants or national franchises to come on board. I couldn't get them to see the benefits of my service. After 3 months of trying, and only signing up 4 restaurants, I was about to give up.

Since I was having marketing and sales problems, I immediately responded to the mailer I got for the MYM Seminar. There was no way I could afford the $295 (my credit cards were already maxed out), so I called them and practically begged for any  advice they could give me to salvage my business. You can probably guess that I'm writing this letter because their free advice worked!

I talked to Rich on the phone and told him what my sales approach had been, and he bluntly said that it stunk and I needed to change it. He explained to me that I needed to build a case for my services like an attorney would prepare a case for court. He helped me break down my numbers and told me how to create "evidence" that would quickly and easily--and quantifiably--show the restaurants how I could help their business tremendously.

Well, after 30 minutes on the phone, and 2 or 3 faxes back and forth, I had 3 pieces of evidence that I took out to use during my sales presentation. I went back to all of the restaurants that had already rejected me and showed them my stuff. In the first 3 days of using this method, I signed deals with 11 out of 15 restaurants I approached. Those accounts are easily worth $8,000 (at least) a year--each. I haven't signed any more deals up because I now have a new problem... staffing up to service all of my accounts."

"I Closed 2 Deals At A Profit Of $7,255 Four Days After I Came To The Seminar...
And I Actually Stole The Idea From A Strategy That Rich Gave To Another Company..."

Name: Robert Estes, President
Company:  Residential Real Estate Company With 16 Agents

"We've been looking for new ways to get business for a long time now, and I got a great idea from Rich during the seminar. He was actually directing his strategy to a guy who was a VP for Century 21 who was also in the same seminar as me... but I took the idea and it has worked extremely well.

I won't go into great detail about how the strategy works, but it has to do with becoming a source of information for people who prefer to sell their houses "by owner" instead of with a broker. Rich said he thought that a guy would sell his home "by owner" simply because he couldn't see any benefits of using a broker (and paying the fee)... but that was only because brokers don't do a very good job of quantifying the benefits.

So what we did was put together a list of 26 different things that the homeowner needed be aware of--paperwork that had to be done, documents that had to be signed, liability that he incurred by selling the home himself--and we gave it all to him for free. It was easy to put together, because it's the same 26 things we use/do when we sell a home.

The strategy worked perfectly. We sent our brokers out with this information to talk to "by owner" sellers... and the most amazing thing happened. About 30% of them got so overwhelmed with the entire process that they handed their homes over to us for listing. In all, we listed 9 new homes the first week, and over 25 the first month. Two of the homes were put under contract the first week (and of course closed 30 days later).

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