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Tuesday, November 18 2008
Every Advertisement Should Be Part Of An Overall Marketing Strategy
Every Ad, Every Sale, Every Discount, Every Everything Should Help You Monopolize Your Marketplace In Your Industry.
Dallas Texas -- Nov 18, 2008 --

United States of America (Press Release) November 18, 2008 Monopolize Your Marketplace Expert Marketing Strategies Team

I have people come to me all the time wanting me to write ads for their products or services. Most of them about have a heart attack when I tell them that I never write an ad for less than $2,500 and my average price is $5,000. For a single ad. Just one.

The reason is that there's a lot of legwork and research that has to happen before I can write an ad. Most of what needs to be figured out before putting pencil to paper...or fingers to covered in my  newsletters. But here's an massive  understatement: There are a lot of things you've got to understand and take into consideration before you can churn out even a single simple advertisement. Once you figure all that stuff out , then you've got to create a master strategy for advertising, marketing, and selling your product that takes into account your selling advantages - or the inside reality - and customers' needs - all without taking too much time.

The Biggest Mistake Marketing "Gurus" And Fancy Ad Agencies Make -
You can't just go around making stuff up all the time on the spur of the moment that's based on nothing more than your best guess of what's going to work. You've got to be more sophisticated than that. What's the Boy Scout motto? Be prepared. Same thing in advertising - know your strategy, know what your customers want, innovate your business, know the best way to say things, then write the ads.  If you skip any single step, your destination could be way off. Consider how precise a sniper must be to hit a target 500 yards away vs. 5 yards - the principle is same in advertising.

There Is A Whole Laundry List Of Items You Must Identify, Decipher And Understand Before You Even THINK ABOUT Writing An Ad.
Now I'm not talking about techniques here, I'm talking about base level grounding materials that precede any ad writing. Things like determining your advertisement's objective: Is it trying to get orders? Inquiries? Generate leads? Promote brand awareness? What is your ad trying to do?

You've got to figure out who your target market is and what they need to hear to make a compelling sales argument and in what format they will most readily accept your information. What's important to them? Would they watch a video brochure of your product or do they just need a postcard? What kinds of things influence their buying decisions? Have they been burned by someone in your industry before? Is what you're selling not important enough for them to put a lot of thought into it? Or is it such a major purchase that they're going to have to see something really impressive from you before they'll buy? Or is it somewhere in between? You've got to know all this before you start writing the advertisement or else it's inevitable that you'll be saying the wrong things to the wrong people. You've got to know this stuff  - no getting around it.

Here's the good news: it's not THAT difficult. But it's imperative you create a master game plan for all of your advertising. Every ad you place should have a specific, predetermined purpose. Each ad should pull its own weight and make a profit for itself. We have clients all the time who will come running in and say, "Hey, I just got out of a meeting with the radio sales rep and they'll give us a great deal on this block of airtime...what do you think?" Well...let me see your marketing plan and see if this "wonderful deal" fits into that plan.

Or a guy will say, "Look, I know that you say all that stuff about creating a whole marketing plan...but I really, really need a flier right now. Can you just put that together real fast and then worry about the rest of the marketing plan later?" And the answer is...yes, but I can't guarantee it will work! This exact thing happened not too long ago with a guy who had an aluminum siding and replacement window business. Now, I don't know what you think about these telemarketing companies that call you all the time during dinner and ask you to buy siding for your house. I think they're annoying. But since we've done a lot of work in the construction and the home improvement business, I already knew quite a bit about how to put his entire marketing plan together...before I did any of the preliminary leg work I just mentioned. Hey, after you've done this a couple of thousand times in a couple of hundred different industries, I would hope that you could put together a marketing plan for a siding company. I mean come on, wouldn't you get a little nervous if your heart surgeon was wheeling you into the operating room and was asking the nurse, "Hey where's the Heart Surgery For Dummies book?" So anyway, I unfolded an entire marketing plan to him, a strategy called the "Code of Ethics and Competency" that is excellent for good, honest companies who happen to be in industries that have problems with shady operators who have a reputation for being less than forthright with consumers - like siding contractors, for instance. I showed him how to integrate the strategy into his telemarketing, advertising, yard signs, tradeshow booths, sales presentations, and into every single aspect of his marketing. I'm talking about a full-blown powerhouse marketing strategy that would absolutely annihilate every one of his competitors. And his brilliant comment was, "Yeah, but right now I just need the flier that my guys can stick on people's doors. Can you do that?" The answer is NO!!! Why? Because a single flier just creates an outside perception the inside reality can't support.

You just can't shortcut the system. You can't just slap a couple of techniques on there and hope you'll get stellar results. You've got to take the time to put the plan together and build a case that convinces your prospects it's worth their time and money to even consider doing business with you. It Is Time To Review Your Plans For Next Year - Either Plan To Win Or Plan To Fail. Right now - Today - this very week is the perfect time to shore up your plans for next year. No matter what level of planning you have done thus far, with all the changes in the economy and in every industry - change and alterations to plans are now required.

You need to answer these questions when making your plan for 2009 -

1. Will the competition in my industry (if they aren't already) force me into competing on price?

2. Will certain media types likely experience a significant upturn or downturn in price?

3. Does my plan include enough lead generation that if something happens, I can focus on unclosed leads to support the business for 3 months?
4. Does my plan include increasing joint ventures, organic website traffic and incentive based referral programs to lower my cost per lead?

5. Does the follow up or "hopper system" include all hotbuttons most prospects will have?
6. Does the plan have expected Return On Investment numbers and Cost per Sale? MOST IMPORTANTLY -

7. Have You Had The Plan Reviewed By An Expert? Nothing is so important when you plan , as to make sure it's a good plan.

After all, Custer had a plan.

The difference between what happened to Custer and what happens to you next year is all in the plan. Get Your Marketing Plan Reviewed For FREE! That's right. Simply follow the link and request a free 2009 marketing plan review by one of our highly trained marketing experts. Expect to spend at least 1 hour going over everything, taking notes and investigating possible ROI numbers. Click Here! OR If you don't already have a plan, click the link above and mention you need to put one together. For the first 3 companies who make the request - MST will spend the time to help you create one from scratch. BE PREPARED - this is at least a 1 week intensive process. All FREE!

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Monday, November 10 2008
Innovate Or Go Out Of Business - Today's Economy Takes No Prisoners.
Monopolize Your Marketplace Expert Shows How Marketing And Innovation Are The Keys TO Surviving This Economic Downturn.
Dallas, TX -- Nov 10, 2008 --

United States of America (Press Release) November 10, 2008 --

There is real fear in today's marketplace - do you feel it?

Fear of the unknown, fear about jobs, fear about the housing market. It is brutal. In fact, this economic downturn is more widespread than is currently understood - it is affecting most if not all of the globe. It affects nearly all aspects of business and industry. If you haven't already felt the affects of job cuts from wall street to main street and a nation wide credit freeze - you will shortly. In quick succession every single business out there (except maybe big oil, coal and other energy providers) are having to make cuts due to reduced consumer spending and increased costs of doing business.
Most business owners are faced with two decisions. The first is to cut back on everything they do, reduce their inventory, cut back on advertising, reduce overhead - essentially "hunker down" and weather the storm. The other choice is to take advantage of the downturn, to realize that somebody always gets rich during a downturn and that this is the time for you to "break out of the pack".

Which One Are You? Are You A "Grin And Bear It" Or A "Use The Downturn To Make A Fortune" Kind Of Guy/Gal?

If You Want To Do More Than Just Weather This Storm - You Will Have To Innovate The Way You Service Your Clients Or Offer Your Products. Jim Rohn once said "-Have Something Good To Say, Say It Well And Say It Often-". This could be one of the most important things you read during our economic downturn. Why? Simple - right now business are fighting tooth and nail over the dwindling client prospects. In every sector from automobile manufacturers to life insurance - there are less and less prospects to go around. Consumer spending has dropped and credit has frozen , leaving many business owners to hunker down and wait out the hard times. This means more and more of your competition (including the kind of competition we call "inertia" - which means doing nothing) are encroaching in your market space.

How many business owners are thinking "we are going to wait till next quarter". Consumers are the same way, but there are still a plethora of buyers that are looking for products or services that are truly better or different. The Good News Is This - People Are Still Buying! (Maybe Just Not From You - Yet!) Prospects are still buying, if you need proof of that simply pull up a few stats from the oil industry. When gas was at it's highest (around $4.50 a gallon) consumer spending only dropped about 12%. That's right even though the cost of a gallon of gas doubled, the purchase of gas only dropped a smidgen more than 10%. So the question is this - how to get more of the customers that ARE buying? To get the answer we simply need to refer back to the very first part of Jim Rohn's statement - "Have Something Good To Say".
Now, this is only a short article so I don't really have time to go over all the different ways you can have something good to say (if you want a detailed explanation simple request one of our FREE 45 Minute Business Evaluations By visiting ) but acceptable innovations will NOT Include Any Of The Following.

*Been In Business Since 1942
*We Are The Biggest *We Are The Best
*Family Owned And Operated *Lowest Price/Best Discounts
*Industry Leader

Customers look at those words and immediately discount what they mean because everyone is saying them. If not these then others that are pretty worthless, things like Largest Provider, Most Secure, Highest ROI, or any other worthless tripe just goes in one ear and out the other. Having Something Good To Say Means Innovation - And Innovation Leads To Marketing.

When you need something good to say about your product or service to capture more of the product base out there, you need to innovate. You need to make your product or service actually better. You need to look at the things you already do that puts you above your competition and talk about those. If you don't have any you need to get some. (For A Free Discussion On How To Do This Correctly Set Up A Free 45 Minute Consultation at our website.).

Generally speaking, you can't just change your pricing structure and call it good. You really have to figure out what your prospects want, identify their hotbuttons and then innovate around that. For example, if your a dentist, offer a Healthy Teeth For The Family Plan, where you offer a little bit of a reduce pricing , on an agreement basis , but require the entire family to come at once and on a specific day. Include basic things that you don't normally include like extra fluoride, free mouth wash or even a certain number of cleanings. This is just one example, again for a detailed explanation of innovation request a Free 45 Minute Consultation. -  P.O. Box 3767  Grapevine, Tx 76099
Phone - 817-484-6886 Fax - 817-767-9225

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2003 - 2010.
May not be used or reproduced with out permission.

Marketing Strategies Team is the premier implementor of the
Monopolize Your Marketplace system.

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All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2003 - 2010.
May not be used or reproduced with out permission.


Monopolize Your Marketplace, MYM, Monopolize, Your Marketplace, Richard Harshaw, Advertising,    Y2marketing, MYMonline, MYM, New Rules of Marketing, Marketing Strategies Team, Email List, brand builders, marketing agency, fulfillment, postcards advertising, small business marketing, small business growth, newsletter, business plan, marketing professional, rules, consultant for y2marketing, Rich Media Marketing, Better Contractor Than You, Brochures On CD, Brochures On DVD, Contractor Marketing,

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