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Monday, October 05 2009
Monopolize Your Marketplace Basics Whitepaper #1

The Definition Of Marketing
30 Sep 2009

If I were to sit across the desk from you and ask you to give me a clear , written definition of what marketing is, and what it's job was - could you tell me?

Would you blunder around trying to identify a few catch phrases like "Brand Identity", "ROI" and "Social Media" - or could you in 30 seconds completely and accurately define for me the term marketing? If you can't you should - otherwise how are you going to know if you're doing it?

If I asked you to define weightlifting and you couldn't, how would you know if you were doing it? If I asked you to define dating, and you couldn't - do you think  you would know if you were? You get the point right? (I hope.. ) If you can't accurate define a something, how will you know if you are doing it right? With your business you simply can't afford to rely on happenstance or luck.

The Definition Of Marketing Is this - "Anything That Creates The Opportunity To Grow The Business".

It can include direct and indirect sales efforts, relationship efforts, print, audio, video and electronic media, Live presentations of any size, static educational tools, rich media tools... the list goes on and on. The biggest mistake most companies make is thinking marketing is just the brochure, the website... just the sell sheets or the slicks. When you dial in the marketing focus like that you dial OUT the opportunities to leverage your efforts.

Key Point #1 - Good Marketing Leverages EVERYTHING You Do To Make You More Money!

From your lead generation to your inside sales, nearly every aspect of your business is touched by marketing.

Vince Lombardi once said  - "Gentlemen, we are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect. But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because we will catch excellence. I am not even remotely interested in just being good."

Sounds good right - but where do you start?   Well, you start at the beginning (of course!).

LEAD GENERATION - If you don't start here, you're doing it wrong.

Systematizing your marketing (yes, I am a fan of Michael Gerber) is as much a part of successfully marketing as anything else. And in a system you have a beginning and you have an end. In marketing, the end is much like the park place on the monopoly board - it leads you back to the beginning. The place to start is Lead Generation.

Too often lead generation is overlooked as a trivial part of marketing. It gets shoved into the box of some tactical implementation like "radio ads, print ads, or website traffic". It gets almost no thought and planning and is treated more like the finishing touches rather than the foundation. Your lead generation efforts are the basis of every other thing you do in your business. When it comes to lead generation, you must remember the short course on marketing...

"Reach inside your prospects head, what he is feeling, thinking, wanting and desiring and pull it out - then do it".

Yep, that's it - the short course on marketing.

If what your prospects want is to be given a reason to find out more information - then you need to give them that reason. If what your prospects want is to understand why what they are doing isn't the best option - then explain that. If what your prospects want is to hear reasons why the information they have about your product or service is old, inaccurate or outdated - then you need to give that to them. You really have to spend some time thinking about your prospects. You need to get inside their mind and try to understand what they want, why they want it and how they want to get it.

A recent study performed by the United States Postal Service showed that every day, the average American receives over 5,500 marketing and advertising impressions. That's a whole lot of impressions. As business owners we are feeling it - the shouting done by lead generation is getting so loud that , as we try to shout louder to overcome our competitors,
our voices are going hoarse and our pockets are drying up. There is a better way.

Lead generation is all about casting the right net in the right pond. The net is the message and the pond is the media used. At Marketing Strategies Team, we call that the strategic and the tactical. The Strategic (net) message that goes on the Tactical (pond) implementation. Get either one wrong and you will pull back an empty net. Use the wrong net and you may let the fish you want escape and catch a bunch of trash fish (prospects who cant or don't qualify for what you sell).

In order to get the correct strategic message you will need to understand the relevant and important issues that are facing your average prospect. You need to take another look inside that head of theirs and pull out the frustrations, concerns and issues that they are most worried over. We call these "hot buttons". If you review your most recent ads, or campaigns, or efforts that worked - it was 90% due to the strategic and only 10% due to the tactical.

Only 2 Ways To Get The Right Strategic Message - Hire Us Or Learn Everything We Know.

Of course there are lead generation campaigns that have been wildly successful that we didn't have a single thing to do with. And yes there are a lot of good, smart marketing and advertising firms out there that can really do some good work, so how can I say that there are only 2 ways to get the right strategic message when both involve us? Simple - times are changing and what used to work, as I already stated, simply won't anymore. I freely admit there are a whole host of really
smart and talented guys out there, and if you come across them then certainly stack them up against us and see who's taller. We welcome the competition.

However, you're reading OUR email right now. You're subscribed to OUR email white paper list and you are in our sphere of help currently - so why not take advantage of it?

Click Here For A Free 45 Minute Consultation

Look - if you want our help, for free, no strings attached - I am happy to arrange that. We will gladly sit down with you and not only go over your current marketing sales and business development plans, but also suggest specific ways to make them better, walk you through innovations that will make a difference and talk about strategies that , if implemented will ensure you don't find yourself in this situation again.

In order to take advantage of this free offer, all i ask is you fill out a request form HERE , and then fill out the business evaluation document when I send it to you.

The Business evaluation helps us catch up on your business so we don't spend the 45 minutes covering all the basics. As a an added bonus, with every marketing evaluation I will offer a free ad creation - something to help things get rolling for you and to get things back on track!


Lead Generation Tips !

1. Regular Direct Mail Gets Thrown Away 99% Of The Time - Hand Addressed Direct Mail Gets Opened 99% Of The Time - You Decide!
The days of sending out direct mail and counting on a 10,5, even 2% response rate are over. Now days if you get 1/2 of 1% you likely consider it a success. It doesn't have to be that way. You can get massive ROI's from direct mail, you just have to be willing to think outside the box a little. A Properly written piece, that follows the marketing equation, that is hand addressed will get opened 99% of the time and you will response rates of 20% or more! Imagine, spending less money, to get more results!

To Learn More
Click Here Or Email Ted Lonberg Or Call Him At 888-808-2161 xt910.

2. Search Engine Optimization CAN ACTUALLY WORK  And It Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune.

Search Engine Optimization is really not that complicated. It could most easily explained as the process of making your site, or a portion of your site, or even a portion of a page on your site , more easily accessible to end users by making it appear more important than the competitions site on the search engines.

Typically, companies that offer this service will charge you hundreds , if not thousands of dollars per month. Even worse, they make it seem complicated and difficult and something no average person could possibly understand.
This Just Isn't True. Now you can generate more qualified leads by increasing traffic by doing YOUR OWN SEO! We have recently partnered
this company to help you find affordable , easy, and powerful SEO services. Plus it costs less than 50 bucks a month!

Watch A Short Video By Pressing Play Below Or
Click Here To Learn More!


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