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Here Are Some Of Our Past Clients...

OrderDog Inc.
As a provider of Ordering, Inventory and Point of Sales solutions for the natural food industry, OrderDog is a perfect match for Brochures On CD. Recently OrderDog made massive overhauls to almost every aspect of it's inside reality - changing it's sales process, product offering, prospective customer profile... even it's billing and credit systems.

Due to the magnitude of these enhancements, OrderDog needed a way to convey the changes to both current and future customers in a way that was easy to understand, as well as entertaining. The end result is an informative, fun, results getting marketing and sales tool that OrderDog uses to pass out at trade shows and other lead generation events to both current and prospective clients.  OrderDog is so happy with their Brochure On CD that they plan on producing 2 more - one for distributors and one for new product offerings.

Marine Marketing Solutions
Created as an alternative marketing tool for boat and yacht manufacturers to market and advertise their products and services.  The Brochures On CD brings the products to life with high resolution action videos, close up detailed pictures, informative buyer guides and more.  Several manufacturers have recently halved their print budget and redirected a  portion of the savings to Brochures On CD... a result of the increased sales and consumer response to the Brochures On CD.  The manufacturers have appreciate the ease and low cost of updating their CDs and the ability to offset production costs with vendor advertising on the Brochures On CD

Due to the higher dollar value of these types of purchases, the content for the Brochure On CD required the highest quality photos, narration, education on comparative boat shopping (what to look for and what to look out for) and how/where to test drive. The amount of "touch and feel" needed to bring a prospective boat or yacht buyer from the point of "thinking about" buying a boat to "writing the check" is significant - which makes a Brochure On CD a perfect fit .

Frank Howard Allen Realtor - Robert Fischer
Bob Fischer has quickly risen to one of the most sought-after agents in the San Francisco Bay Area. His unbreakable honesty coupled with a natural affinity towards finding those "once in a lifetime opportunites" has allowed Bob to create a base of clientele that is impressive by any measure.

All of that aside, Bob still had a problem ... the problem most great realtors have - he looked just like everyone else. It was difficult for Bob to stand out to passerby's or prospects to interrupt them long enough to truly give him an opportunity to show how deep his value really goes.  He needed some way to concisely and accurately represent how amazingly valuable he is when it comes to buying or selling a home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The answer was simple - a robust digital sales and marketing tool that could be easily transferred to prospects via US. Mail in a number 10 envelope or handed out in person. This tool is used to accurately explain the value of Bob in an easy to understand, friendly, fun, and fast moving manner.  Nitty gritty details that are critical to the selection of a real estate agent are presented...making it easy for Bob to separate himself from other less skilled and experienced agents.  

Brochures On CD was the obvious choice.

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