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Consumers Love This Product Becasue It Interupts Them Every Single Time - It Simply WILL NOT BE IGNORED.

Technology and innovation has changed the way advertisers look upon the Brochures On CD product.  We've blended and refined 17 different software packages into a system to produce a CD product that looks and behaves like a DVD, but costs much less to produce.  This is NOT like those old fashion business card CDs that you may have seen a few years ago.  

If you are looking for an affordable marketing tool to educate prospects with full-screen, hi-resolution images, professional voice narration, and custom music, and more...that consumers prefer 7 times better than print media...then we have the solution for you.  More than 97% of the product first time viewers make the identical comment... "This looks and sounds like a DVD!"

If you have not had a chance to see how dozens of technology innovations has created a NEW Marketing Media and is changing the way advertisers look at this media.  These marketing products are not static presentations  or copies of a website simply burned into a CD medium and stuffed in a mailer.   The Brochure On CD delivers RICH media in an entertaining and highly interactive manner.  The product complements an Internet website and alleviates the biggest frustrations consumers suffer...slow downloads, fuzzy pictures, choppy video, and broadband access.  Instead the Brochure On CD provides those materials from the disc (instantly) but links to and from the Internet as needed. 

Enjoy the presentations below.  These are video copies from the Alaska Demonstration CD.  Be sure your speakers are turned up to enjoy the narration and music.  PLEASE NOTE:  The image resolution and video performance is POOR in comparison to the actual CD...these are inherent limitations of the Internet.
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Opening Menu And Production Details Presentation

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More About Alaska, Watch The Northern Lights, See How CD Hotlinks To Internet, And More

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