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Friday, October 31 2008
The Ultimate Frustration...
You Have A Great Product Or Service But Your Prospects Don't Respond... 

October 31, 2008
Is there any greater frustration than knowing your product or service is better than the competition but your prospects don't seem to understand the difference?  If you are like really pulls my chain.  I call it the ULTIMATE FRUSTRATION.  I'd like to hear from you if you have similiar feelings and I'm offering a $7,500.00 credit to make it worth your time.  Are you interested? 
Yes, $7,500.00 of FREE services.  I am looking for the business owner that is ready to break out of the pack, the owner that knows they have the best product or service but has NOT been able to neutralize the competition.
Nothing, I repeat, nothing causes me more grief, more frustration, more aggravation than when a prospect FAILS to understand why our product is better than anything else on the market and will help them make MORE money! 
I suspect you feel the very same way.  You KNOW (I hope) the product or service you offer is the best value...but your prospects may not know...even worse, they may not even give you a chance to let them know.  It IS the ULTIMATE FRUSTRATION. 
I believe the Brochures On CD product will be the BEST, RESULTS oriented tool you have ever had in your arsenal of marketing resources to solve the ULTIMATE FRUSTRATION and I'm putting $7,500.00 of our services "on the line" to prove it.  Click Here To Visit Our Website
If you have passion for your business and your product or service really is better than the competition, then read on...I've authorized $7,500.00 of FREE services to prepare a Brochure On CD product for the business owner that steps forward with the most compelling presentation of why the Brochures On CD would help them solve the Ultimate Frustration.  
There is no fine print, but there are some rules.
A)  Submittal Deadline
  1. I have to receive your letter (the minimum contents are described below) no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, 01 December 2008.  Letters can be sent in a pdf format to my email address ( and must include "Ultimate Frustration" in the subject line.  The letters must be submitted in a pdf format with a digital signature.  We will also accept mail entries with signatures to our Corporate offices.
 B) To qualify you must meet these requirements:
  1. Possess an active Internet website to promote your business.
  2. Have been in business for at least 5 years with a valid business license. 
  3. Net revenues must be at least $500,000.

C)  You must agree to the following:

  1. Brochures On CD can use the product we create for the winner in our promotions and distribute as a sample for others to view.
  2. You must agree to share customer response, feedback, and lead generation information with Brochures On CD regarding the performance of our product for the next 12 months.
  3. All materials submitted (with the exception of any reference to revenues) becomes the property of Brochures On CD and may be used as we see fit.

D)  Your letter must include the following:

  1. A cover letter on letterhead from the owner acknowledging agreement with the requirements cited above.
  2. A description of your product or service and what you do that makes your product or service BETTER and DIFFERENT than the competition.
  3. List at least 3 things you think the Brochures On CD product would do to help you solve the ULTIMATE Frustration.
  4. Tell me how you would envision using the Brochures On CD product?

That's it...simple enough.  So, think about it...are your interested in a $7,500 credit to get your own Brochure on CD?  I will be the sole judge to select the winner, with an award date no later than the end of December 2008.  The $7,500.00 credit must be used before May 01, 2009. 

In closing...I have a couple of words of wisdom.  First, show me your belief and passion in your product or service...if it is not obvious you probably won't be selected.  Second, remember, I've put $7,500 on the line to prove Brochures On CD is the best tool you have ever had to fight the Ultimate Frustration.  Are you game?
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Wednesday, October 29 2008
Brochure On CD, a Registered Trademark Of Brochures On CD(TM) Offers Free Advice On How To Sell In The Declining Economy. Customers Are Amazed To Find Out Why What Used To Work, Simply Doesn't Anymore
United States of America (Press Release) October 29, 2008 -- Why Won't The Best TV Commercial Running Sell A Darn Thing?

If you are like me, you spend a fair amount of time in front of the TV. Yes, I know, nobody likes to admit it but I probably spend more than is considered healthy by some regulatory agency for an adult my age, but it's a vice. What can I say?

Now don't get my wrong, I don't spend hours a day, but rather a few chunks of 15-30 minutes. There are couple of must see's for me - ESPN news, CNN and embarrassingly enough a new sitcom called "Samantha Who". Now that you know that much of my TV watching habits pay attention - this is the important part.

See, no matter when I watch, what time of day or what program grabs my attention there is always a commercial that is like a warm ray of sunshine.

You may have seen it, it's the TIDE-To-GO commercial with the job applicant standing in front of the HR Manager or CEO explaining why he is a good fit for the job - while the stain on his shirt, just below his shoulder screams incoherently at him. (just remembering it now , made me want to watch it - I found it here ).

This commercial clearly is intended to be humorous and actually ran during the superbowl. It is a favorite of many - but let me ask you - did it ever occur to you that it parallels todays selling environment?

When your polished sales person or lead generator actually does end up on the desk of decision maker, have you ever considered how many "Shouting Stains" are covering your message? These might include the perception of your company, the rise and fall of the economy, of course, any competitors and even how that decision maker is feeling that day.

3 Tips To Making Your Prospects Listen So You Can Actually
Sell Something!

First, Have something good to say...Jim Rohn has made a career from saying..."Have something good to say, say it often, and say it well." Now, I certainly understand how difficult that short series of words can be - but I have only two words for you - DON't SKIMP. The simple fact of having a good, competitive product, talking about it consistently to the prospective target market and ensuring when you are speaking the message is right - simply can not be minimized. See, If you don't have anything good to say than it won't matter how you say it and how often...that means...your product or the service, or destination you are seeking to promote better be amazing. If it isn't - then focus on this first.

Second, Recognize how your PROSPECT's perceptions and expectations have changed from even just 1 year ago. Your prospects are saturated with marketing media messages every day and in every way. Worse than that, with the economy experiencing mood swings daily - most businesses are overloaded with incoming media and solicitations.most respond better to information that is EASY to absorb and time efficient. Pretty pictures alone are not enough. Low prices are not enough. Huge discounts are no enough.

You must recognize PROSPECTS expect more than ever before from you. If you don't deliver, they will go elsewhere to find it, simple as that.

Third, Media rich content like Narration, Music, and sound effects provide a NEW dimension for your marketing. Paper marketing materials go from the left hand to the right hand to the trash can. I am convinced that as the world evolves, paper marketing materials alone will go the way of the floppy disk. Now, most of us have some sort of data storage, but it's handled by USB data drives - not floppy disks.

See, a narrator will deliver the best message about your product every time it is played...the narrator does not have a bad day or lack is the SAME message every time that speaks to your prospects. Music and special effects add to the experience and enhance the entertainment value of the product. Remember, we are a nation of L-A-Z-Y communicators and we tend to want things presented to us. Missing this vital point will ensure

The Final Tip -
Prospects Buy When They See What You Sell As An Answer TO A Pain Or Problem - End Of Story.

If you want to sell more, if you want to smash your goals and really take your business or company to the next level - you must present you message in such a way that makes your prospects want to listen. Digital is the answer.

A digital sales tool like a Brochure On CD, which can give a perfect pitch every single time may not only mean the difference between you meeting your goals, but also staying afloat in these tough times.

If you have not HEARD or WATCHED a Brochures On CD product, we invite you to see an online demonstration at our website, Of course, the Internet pictures and sounds are not as good as the CD, you can order a FREE sample for yourself by clicking on the "Request FREE Demonstration Disc" on the adjacent menu.

In Closing...

Today's marketplace is more cluttered than ever...competition is fierce. Perhaps even more significant...prospects are saturated with information and it is harder than ever to get their time and attention.

The Brochures On CD product is preferred 7 times better than print...because it SPEAKS to your Prospects to help them understand what they need to know to make a good decision while it SHOWS off the details prospects need to see to make a good decision... in an entertaining format.

There is no better time than now to find out how you could benefit from this record-setting new tool.

Bryan Bauman, Executive Vice President
Brochures On CD
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Tuesday, October 21 2008

Print Catalogs Are Simply Too Expensive to Re-Produce And Mail.Market Innovation Of Brochure On CD Provides Alternative That Saves Money and Earns Better Results.
United States of America (Press Release) October 21, 2008 -- Gainesville, FL. October 21th, 2008 - Brochures On CD (TM), a technology-based company, founded by Brent Russell and Bryan Bauman, has unveiled their latest new product, a CD Based Product Showcase. This unprecedented product includes hi-resolution, close up images and video of products, complete with narration and music that connects seamlessly to the Internet for a cost that is 50-75% less than printing a hard copy and mailing. The product is easily updated with short production cycles, some as little as 21 days. For small- and large-business entities looking around for ways to drive more business to their websites and reduce the time and cost of printing.the Brochures On CD Product Showcase - DVD And Print Catalogue Alternative achieves these objectives.

The Product Showcase - DVD And Print Catalogue Alternative looks and runs more like a DVD than CD products currently in the marketplace. The CD starts on its' own with a lively product presentation prepared by a team of marketing specialists that show off a products unique attributes while maintaining an entertaining format that keeps prospects focused. Extreme close up images of individual products help a buyer assess the suitability of a product for their needs as well as personal likes and dislikes. The individual products frequently include a narrated description to further reinforce a product's attributes.something a print catalog will never be able to do.

Utilizing a streamlined process developed for the other Brochures On CD products, the Showcase - DVD And Print Catalogue Alternative provides the images and information, via text and narration, that business owners have always wished they could include in their print catalogs but could never afford.until now. The Showcase is presented on a custom labeled "mini-CD" in a plastic sleeve or presented in a mini-CD case.

A Brochure On CD Product Showcase - DVD And Print Catalogue Alternative costs as little as $0.78 per piece to produce and deliver (before mailing costs) compared to an average cost of $1.75 to $5.25 per piece cost for a similar DVD creation and implementation. Better still; a Brochure On CD Product Showcase can be played on both MAC or PC, running windows, Apple OS, Linux, Unix and almost any variation in between.

"The increased printing and mailing costs for conventional catalogs and brochures mean a business owner must be more selective than ever about who receives these print materials and how often they are sent" says Bryan Bauman, co-founder of Brochures On CD. He adds, "The Product Showcase provides an affordable solution to lead generation. Our clients may send out more CDs than print catalogs because our costs are so much less.allowing a business to ?touch their prospects' far more often with more information in a more entertaining format. It's really a no-brainer" says Bauman.

The Showcase product is designed to link to and from an Internet website in a seamless manner. A customer can view the product on the CD, see the details they've always wanted to see with ease, hear about the product, and then with the click of the mouse, connect to a secured website page and order the item they are viewing, and then return to the CD.

"It makes a lot of sense to us", says Mr. Ron Estrada, owner of Designs By Estrada - an exclusive wood jewelry wholesaler, "we don't have to spend money to print a catalog that is dated before it is finished, people don't have to call to order the items, and we find the hi-resolution images on the CD show off our products far better than those that we can post on the is a win-win for us.lower cost, better presentation, increased sales."

The corporate website can be found at - and includes example of video, audio and design work. In the mean time, if you would like further information or some past examples of work please contact

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