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A Brochure On CD Is The Following -

1. Compact Enough To Fit In A #10 Envelope, Enough Storage To Hold Any Message - The Brochure On CD "mini-cd" is compact enough to literally fit inside a regular envelope but robust enough to hold 210 mb of pictures, audio, video, printable documents, menu and web links. It is essentially enough to hold several product presentations, company portfolios, and service descriptions.  If additional space is required, we can produce the product on a mini-DVD (1.4GB capacity) or a full size CD/DVD. 

2. Simple Enough That Any Prospective Target Market Can Use It - The CD autoplays when inserted into any CD player on a computer. Regardless of hardware or operating system, a Brochure On CD is compliant with Apple, Linux, Windows and Unix systems. If you get the CD in the hands of your prospects, you need not worry about technology being a problem preventing the content from being seen.

3.  An Articulated Case - Written By Marketing And Advertising Professionals - Each Brochure On CD has a script and story board developed and written by a team of experienced marketing professionals. These aren't recent graduates of some overseas non-accredited University. In fact, all team leaders have at least 8 years of real-world experience working in all aspects of marketing and advertising.

4.  A Cost Effective Way Of Replacing Dated Or Outmoded Print Materials - When it comes to keeping up-to-date materials on hand to use in sales meetings, cold contacting, or prospect follow-up can be a significant challenge. It can be a challenge to both the employees and to the budgets, to say nothing of the challenge it can be to organize for use. When using a Brochure On CD, modifying or changing content is as simple as making a phone call. That's right - one phone call gets the process going and we handle it from there. A few weeks later the updated CD is delivered and you can begin using it.

5. Not More Work - But A "Soup To Nuts" Solution - One thing Brochures On CD ISN'T is more work. Once you engage our services we handle everything. We write the script, get approval, make changes, create video, make the duplicates, ship them, and follow up to close the project loop. You literally can sit back and relax while we create an amazing digital sales and marketing tool for you or your company.

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