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Costs Of Paper, Printing And Delivery Keep Going Up - And Yet Return On Investment For Marketing And Advertising Keeps Going Down... We Fix That.


In order for your marketing and sales collateral to work the way it's supposed to, it first has to get in the hands of the prospect or decision maker, then it has to get read - and finally it must give that prospect or decision maker a next step in the sales process and encourage them to take it.

Unfortunately, all too often the beautifully designed, immaculately printed sales or marketing tool ends up in the trash can. This is what we at Brochures On CD call "Left Hand, Right Hand, Trash Can" and it occurs because prospects have pretty much seen and heard it all.

That's right, sad and discouraging as it may be - if you never "Interrupt" your prospects, you will never "Engage" them and therefore never get the opportunity to "Offer" them. This means that you may literally be wasting thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising that does little more than fill trash cans and recycle bins.

The Simple Anwser To The Question: "Why Should My Company Use A Brochure On CD?"

So you can get more of the prospects you are already contacting to turn into paying customers. It really is that simple. With a digital marketing and sales rep that never gets sick, never gets tired, never has a fight with the spouse, or an emergency with a child. A digital marketing and sales rep gives the same presentation no matter what time of day it is, how the economy is doing, or what the price of crude oil is.

A Brochure On CD follows the same script, the same story board, and presents it all the same - every single time. Think of it this way - imagine getting to practice your sales or marketing presentation over and over as many times as you need, each time modifying in small but significant ways exactly what is presented and how. Then further imagine that when it comes time to actually present this practiced performance, you get to give it under a completely perfect set of circumstances. Meaning, for example, you get plenty of sleep the night before, every single relationship in your personal life is going perfectly, your personal bank account is literally stuffed and overflowing, and your career or company is exactly where you want it to be. Now, under those circumstances, how well could you present the material you wanted? What is the likelihood that the material you present will turn into a closed sale or set of closed sales compared to how you currently present or offer more information on your products and services?

Like we said at the top of this page, the simple answer is to get more prospects to buy more often - Period.

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